Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recession as a time for Introspection

The inspiration for this post is my friend Issam's post that you can read here.

Now we all know that the world economy is in shambles. Exports are declining, the Stock market has lost nearly half it's value, real estate prices are dropping and most painful of all- people are losing their jobs.
IT, for long considered our country's sunrise sector, has also met with a slowdown and understandably most people, especially technology students are worried. Till a year back it wasn't unusual for one of the IT giants to enter a campus for recruitment and leave with issuing nothing less than 150-200 offer letters. Today, however, lady luck paints a very different picture.

Now I know most of you there, especially those of you who are graduating this year, are cursing your luck. It was real easy for your seniors to get that IT dream job and it's simply not fair that you are having it this tough. What my friend Issam, and myself, want to tell you is that you should consider yourself fortunate and not be sulking at the turn of events.

Look at it this way-- how many of you have actually dreamt of a career in IT? There will be a few out there who no doubt have, but most of you I'm sure have not really thought of IT as a career at all. For most people it's just a job that pays really well. And that's that.
It was the same way for your seniors too.... and no wonder the attrition levels in IT companies are so high. See anything done without passion ends in drudgery.

With the times as they are it's going to be really difficult for you to get any job. What we are trying to tell you is don't waste your time in chasing one! Surprised? We don't mean that you don't look for work. What we want to say is that don't just look to do anything that pays well, look to do something that your heart is in. Don't go chasing a job when you can chase a dream.

So yes the job market situation is bad. But the dream factory rolls on. And you have the power to chase your dreams-- so go for it. This also goes out to all of you who have unfortunately lost your jobs in these tough times.

Sometimes, our ordinary lives carry on as they are, and one fine day we realize that life's passed us and there's nothing to show for it. Some of us get a chance to realize this early and take our chances. I think now is a good time for that long over due introspection. Now is the time for you to take your chance.

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