Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPL-2: CSK vs Delhi Daredevils

Chennai.... why oh why oh why? Gosh you just hate games like this one.
Fantastic contest between both the teams, goes right down to the wire, and in the end the team you support "loses"! Arrrrgggh!
The highest scoring game of the IPL season this far and it was tremendous entertainment. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it much more had Chennai won!
Devilliers's century was simply put- 'awesome'. Delhi is easily the best team of the tournament. Their batsmen are in devastating form. The bowling seems to be coming together. Over-all they seem to have great balance in their side. So much so that the great McGrath can't even find a place in the playing XI!
Chennai put up a spirited fight. What made the difference between the teams I feel was the finishing. Delhi finished their batting and bowling really well. Chennai faltered at the end in both innings. That cost us the match.
We need to look for bowlers who can bowl in the death and batsmen who can finish games while chasing.
I don't think we need to read too much in to this loss. It was a very good effort by Chennai to come this close. Let's hope Chennai learns from it's mistakes soon and we get to see our 'Rascalas' thrashing the rest of them boys.


Mad Blogger said...

Brilliant game.. wanted so badly for the CSK to win.. They are my second fav team... Am from Bangalore; hence support the RCB [all be it that we might end up having the same record as what we had last year :(]

Unknown said...

Yeah dude... Me sure hoping for CSK to come back all pumped up!!!

Ajai said...

@Mad Blogger: Thanks for stopping by. i suggest u shift your loyalties to Chennai before it's too late. ;)
@Issam: Me too bro.. me too!