Saturday, February 28, 2009

India vs New Zealand, 2nd 20-20

The Kiwis beat India again and took the 20-20 series 2-0.
Disappointment for Indian fans. As I mentioned in my previous post the Blues were favourites going in to the series. But now that tag has got to be with the Kiwis.
The one day series starts soon. Yuvraj Singh seems to be in some sort of form and I hope that he will give the much needed impetus to the Indian batting. On the bowling front it was good to see Irfan Pathan come in to his own. I thought he bowled fantastic in the second match. The pitches in New Zealand suit his bowling style. So it's nice to see him build some sort of rhythm and form going in to One days and Test matches. I think he'll be of great value to the team in this series.
It was apparent though that India was lacking the attitude that they had acquired in the last year. The "go for the kill" attitude that saw them through many a tight situation and saw them dominate most opposition teams over the last year. I hope it's just the Blues are taking time getting acclimatized to New Zealand and nothing else.
On the other hand I thought the Kiwis played very disciplined cricket. Their bowling was tight. Their batting has tended to depend too heavily on the top four but Brendon McCullum's awesome form has seen them through. They rightly desreved to win the series as they played the better cricket of the two sides.
So come on Men in Blue- show us your mettle and fast. All the best for the One Dayers and Test Matches.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

India vs New Zealand- First 20-20

The black caps have done it again. They seem to be the only team in the world capable of beating India in the 20-20 format.
I didn't see the match. But I am very surprised by the result. India was going in to the series in a rich vein of form after having beaten the Lankans in their home turf. Our batting was firing from all cylinders with Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni, Raina and Yuvraj- all in awesome form. Our bowling never looked better either. We hardly missed the services of Bhajji in Lanka with the likes of Ishant Sharma, Zaheer Khan and Pragyan Ojha coming in to their own. India was going in to the series as overwhelming favourites. So yesterday's result was a rude shocker to all Indian cricket fans.
India is still the stronger side. And still the favourite to clinch the One Day and Test match series. However the momentum going in to tomorrow's 20-20 match is with the Kiwis. And if they manage to upset the Blues again the momentum would have surely swung their way. There's no denying the value of a good start in a series.
I expect India to put up a better performance tomorrow and not let the Kiwis run away with another easy victory. Here's wishing good luck to MSD and his boys.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog's day out!

Ya, tonight is the big night- Oscar night. And if they don't give the oscar to slumdog I think the Indian Media will declare war on the Academy of Motion Pictures.
Lots has been written about the story and what it represents. And the hype has been how this is really a recognition of India's talent in film making. Fine there is a Brit director, but the cast, crew and most importantly "the flavour" is without doubt Indian. But is it the best of what we have to offer? Anil Kapoor and Irffan Khan are no doubt two of the finest actors we've produced. But the movie itself? I mean it could so easily have been a regular multiplex movie. It's got the feel of a multiplex movie. It's fresh and takes a look at the done to death underdog story from the perspective of a game show. I saw the movie and I liked it. But it's in no way a great movie. I didn't go WOW when it got over. Even the much talked about music theme is not the best I've heard from A.R.Rahman.
So if this movie does go on to win the Oscar(s) it will definitely demolish one of those long standing myths that the West sets the standard when it comes to quality cinema.
The Oscar is no doubt the most prestigious symbol of the most powerful movie industry in the world. But today is the day I think we ought to realize that they have the money and nothing else. I see a window of opporunity there for the others to make quality cinema, market it well and do global business.
And Indian Movie Makers (yes, including you Mr Aamir Khan) shouldn't be going around running after the Oscars. We don't need them to tell us what a good movie is. We've known it for ourselves all along.