Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog's day out!

Ya, tonight is the big night- Oscar night. And if they don't give the oscar to slumdog I think the Indian Media will declare war on the Academy of Motion Pictures.
Lots has been written about the story and what it represents. And the hype has been how this is really a recognition of India's talent in film making. Fine there is a Brit director, but the cast, crew and most importantly "the flavour" is without doubt Indian. But is it the best of what we have to offer? Anil Kapoor and Irffan Khan are no doubt two of the finest actors we've produced. But the movie itself? I mean it could so easily have been a regular multiplex movie. It's got the feel of a multiplex movie. It's fresh and takes a look at the done to death underdog story from the perspective of a game show. I saw the movie and I liked it. But it's in no way a great movie. I didn't go WOW when it got over. Even the much talked about music theme is not the best I've heard from A.R.Rahman.
So if this movie does go on to win the Oscar(s) it will definitely demolish one of those long standing myths that the West sets the standard when it comes to quality cinema.
The Oscar is no doubt the most prestigious symbol of the most powerful movie industry in the world. But today is the day I think we ought to realize that they have the money and nothing else. I see a window of opporunity there for the others to make quality cinema, market it well and do global business.
And Indian Movie Makers (yes, including you Mr Aamir Khan) shouldn't be going around running after the Oscars. We don't need them to tell us what a good movie is. We've known it for ourselves all along.

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