Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Elections are on us!

The biggest democracy in the world will soon conduct what has to be one of mankind's biggest achievements- The Indian Elections. No power on earth has ever attempted anything of this magnitude and scale. The nation has very good reasons to be proud of this undertaking.

There is no nation on earth that is as diverse as ours. And yet every once in a while, we all come together in this democractic exercise, to vote for our government. Elections have and will always be a great unifying force for our people.

The elections are to be conducted in 5 phases. The first phase commences on April 16th. Chennai, where I reside, goes to the polls in the last phase on May 13th.

Though I expected a great deal of enthusiasm from the media I am left very disappointed by the coverage the campaigns have got so far. There are hardly any policies discussed. There is absolutely no debate. Television and newspaper coverage of these elections has been quite boring. Even the politicians lack the charm and charisma. There are no inspiring speeches, no talk about policies, no innovation. It's been more of the same personal wranglings- that's all.

I have read the manifestos of the BJP and the Congress. I'm surprised that some important issues have not found mention in both documents. Even the media has been very silent on these important issues.

One important issue is the environment. We are living in a planet that is warming up, and warming up fast. We need to take initiative now to prevent further damage to our planet. This needs urgent attention. Other issues like judicial delays, response to the economic slowdown etc., have also not found mention.

We need politicians/leaders with a vision for the future. People who are able and willing to perform. India is on the threshold of a bright and beautiful future and we need good and competent people to lead us in these times.

So on the eve of these election I wish all of you power and strength to make the right decision. Jai Hind.

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