Sunday, April 19, 2009

IPL- Season 2

Most times you switch on TV and there's absolutely nothing to watch. Though I have subscribed to every channel possible, it's odd the number of times I find absolutely nothing interesting.
But yesterday was not like that. Mano-ranjan ka baap (who can forget that add last year!) is here. IPL is here. There was also the FA cup semi betweeen Chelsea and Arsenal and also the brilliant biopic- Hitler, on the history channel.
First game of the IPL season 2 was Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings. For obvious reasons I am a CSK fan. But my second fav team in the competition will be the Mumbai Indians. They have a certain Mr Tendulkar you see.
Well Machan Dhoni and Co were off to a good start. But somewhere along the way the game plan faltered. That one over from Freddie Flintoff, where he gave away 22 runs, actually cost us the match. Even while chasing I felt Dhoni should have come higher up the order. He should play in the top four. That would have made a difference. It's only the first match, so there's no real need to worry. And the Mumbai Indians look a very very good team and are surely one of the favourites to win the competition. They are definitely the best bowling unit in the competition. They have specialists suited for this version of the game.
The second match of the IPL was frankly put- boring. I was watching the FA cup semi-final. Dravid came good. I'm happy that he did. He's come in for a lot of unfair criticism in the media. It was just like him to let his bat do the talking. As for the Royals, they looked flat. They don't look like the champions of last year.
I'm hoping the good run on TV will continue. With vacations just around the corner we all need some good entertainment. Hail IPL!

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