Friday, April 24, 2009

IPL 2- All Hail the Champs!

Well what do you say to these Royal chaps? Somebody please remind them that they are without Sohail Tanvir and Shane Watson. Someone tell them that they have no bowling or batting to speak of. Some one tell Shane Warne that he's playing professional cricket with a bunch of "galli ka chokras!". Some one please tell them!
Well, they might not have the cricketing talent that the top teams in the IPL can boast of, but they have a spirit that will outdo any other team in the tournament. Last night the Rajasthan Royals showed plenty of it and came out tops over a demoralized (and deglamourized!) Knight Riders.
I had decided that I would only blog about CSK games with the odd exception. Well last night's game was one such exception. What a game! What drama, passion, dare-devilry and raw energy. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Dada's heroics brought the Knight Riders close but he failed to finish the match. One must mention Warne's belief in his wards here. It was a huge risk to give the final over to young Kamran Khan. The young fella rose up to the challenge and how. He bowled a brilliant last over and got rid of Dada too. This meant the game ended in a tie! His mates could have asked nothing more of him. He bowled the super over also and though Gayle did take 15 runs of him it was a splendid effort considering the pressure he must have been under.
Have I mentioned Yousuf Pathan yet? No? Oh he just walked in to the ground to bat in the super over with someone else(we don't even need to know who!). He walked out there knowing that he had to take 16 of an over and Mendis( who had bowled brilliantly in the first innings) would be bowling. Mendis had actually gotten rid of Pathan when the Royals were batting.
He came, he sent two balls out of the park, one high in to the air that dropped in between the fielders for 2 and sent another crashing to the boundary. Game, set, match- Yousuf Pathan for the Rajasthan Royals.
As kids we all dream of doing what Yousuf did last night. It was simply put- superb. It was power hitting at its most brutal best. Awesome job Yousuf-- Awesome!
Well I hope the Royals get a move on now. I like them. They are the perennial under-dogs.
As for KKR. Well- for some reason all the guys seem to be hating this team. Only girls seem to support this team. There is somethin about the team that just pisses me off. Maybe it's all the hype and hoopla surrounding them. I just don't like them.
Well the Royals won... that's what counts. Congrats to them.


Mad Blogger said...

This game was the stuff dreams are made of. Without doubt the best game of this year's IPL so far. Doubt whether we can get any better game this season. Had everything that explains why people just love this format of the game. The match swung from one end to the other almost every alternate over. And as in every fairytale, the story had a happy ending with the underdog pipping the favorite in the last possible moment. Shane Warne at his best as far as captaincy is concecrned. Only he can get a rookie like a Kamraan Khan to play so well in such a big stage. Kudos!!! Looks like the fairy tale is going to continue this year as well with the Rajasthan Royals

A New Beginning said...

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