Sunday, July 26, 2009

Struck by Potter Mania!

Well this post is not about the recent Potter movie. No it isn't. This about the Harry Potter novels. I've just started reading them. :)

I know most of you out there will be like... Potter???... and now???... and that I'm just about a decade late. :)

But, I read my first Potter book(The Philosopher's Stone) just 3 days back. And, I'm happy to inform you that, I've also completed the second book(The Chamber of Secrets). :)

I'm hooked and I can't believe that I've fallen under J.K.Rowlings' spell. I'm actually re-living my old school days and the brilliant times I had then. Wishing I could go back and take some of the Hogwarts spirit with me. Ah... what that would have been!

Hagrid, Dumbledore, Snape, Dudley, Malfoy, Ron, Hermoine-- yes, all the characters have entered my head and I'm sure they're going to remain there. Wizards, witches, magic, wands, flying brooms, Quidditch!- they're all there.. tucked deep inside my memory now. :)

I stayed away from Potter thinking it would be kiddie stuff. You know like -Enid Blyton's Famous Five, and the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I remember reading those books but I never had the passion and zest for them. I read maybe a copy each of those books. Somehow I couldn't enjoy those books much.

It's only much later, when I discovered Harold Robbins and Mario Puzo in my Dad's cabinet, that I actually got in to reading. So my natural conclusion was I was in to more serious reading. Maybe adult fiction was my genre. So that's the way it's been mostly. But I've been branching out in to other things also. Lot of Non-Fiction books, biographies, history and things related to finance and stuff. I know it sounds geeky. But I'm not always like that. Adult fiction is still the staple fare and 7 out of 10 books I read will be adult fiction for sure.

So Harry Potter wasn't really given a chance to work his magic on me. But he's got his chance... and he's got me hooked. :) Those of you out there into reading, and who've not picked up these books yet, I suggest you give it a try. I promise you it'll will be worth it.

I already have the 3rd part(The Prisoner of Azkaban) ready and waiting. So I'll be going to catch it. So long muggles!


Madman said...

pretty much like you man never haven't touched the book till date, i am not into reading books though

Meow said...

Sooper AJ :) You'll fall deeply in love with this HARRY POTTER thingy when you read the 6th and the 7th book.... enjoy reading them.... You won't like watching the movie after you read the book :D

Ajai said...

Boyo... you should take to reading. Especially for a guy who enjoys writing/blogging like u. Books can go deep in to thought and ideas in a way that no other medium can.

He he... I think I'm already in love...;). Thanks and in general I feel movies don't live up to the books they're taken from. Don't you agree?

Meow said...


I don't like when ppl make a book into a movie...... i've never liked such movies till date.

A New Beginning said...

Life's all about new discoveries!!
Enjoy reading!!!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Have never been able to watch or read Harry Potter!

The last time, many years ago, when I did watch The Sorcerer's Stone, I fell asleep and soon began snoring.... very embarrassing! :(

Ajai said...

Life sure is.. thanks. :)

Lol... well u're certainly not in to fiction then. :).

Just Someone said...

have fun, dude!
i didn't start soon either, but i finished the seties in one go!

to me, Potter, the Weasleys, Hemionie, Dumbledore, Sirius, Lupin, the Ministry and everything else is for REAL!

i'll never forget hoe much i cried while reading the fifth book, my personal favourite. to me, the movies didn't capture it enough, the way tears streamed while readin the fifth and the 25 times i read the last few pages of "The Philosopher's Stone", the place with the description of Dumbledore offreing last mionute scores!

i'll never stop taking about this, but yeah, good luck!

happy reading! :)

Nitin said...

:) all the seven books rock! CLASSIC, as u already know.

do not watch any of the HP movies before completing the complete set.

Panchakshari said...

Guess you would have completed the whole set......if not.... complete them....!!!!

The first 3 parts i have read many i have lost count of them....whenever i read them i enjoy more.....

I dont know whether i ever mentioned to you about me reading Harry Potter..... But i have read the whole series more than twice :)

Even I suggest you to watch movies only after you complete reading the book.