Tuesday, July 28, 2009

# 50!

Well readers, open them champagne bottles... coz this is my 50th post! :) :) :)

I remember taking a new year resolution at the beginning of this year to write 10 posts- Yes 10. And as you can see I enjoyed writing my first 10 so much that this blog has now become a part of my life. Two good things there-- one, I exceeded what I'd set out to do, and two, I actually kept a New Year resolution! Well that's the only one I managed to keep.... and no, you're not allowed to ask about the other resolutions. ;)

It's been a one of a kind experience so far. I started out with just Issam reading my blogs and, from those humble beginnings, :P , today I have 15 followers(:)). Thank you so much guys and gals... you make me feel like a rock star... or at least a publishing phenomenon(at times)! :P.

Well I'm not going to get nostalgic and all... tschhh tschh...:)

This is just the beginning.... there is much more to come. Once again thank you guys and girls out there. Have fun... God Bless!

AJai Ravi Kesavan


Meow said...

AJ congratssssssssssssss :D we'll celebrate yaaaaay! and you keep up ur new year resolutions?? read my new year resol post.. I'm yet to follow them.. probably will carry forward them to next year :P

I wish you to reach your 100th post also very soon :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

AJ - Many congratulations on your 50th and wishing you many many more to come!

Pleasure to be associated with you!



Madman said...

Aj 5 months left aim for a century

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Ajai!

Congratulations! All the best to you :)

Meow said...

Hey AJ am tagging you :) Check out my next post in blog :)


AJEYA RAO said...

I have to wait...Did not receive the bottle you sent me yet! :-) Congrats AJ....

Unknown said...

remember my words brother... just a matter of time...
You are a rock star man!!!

God bless and do keep the digital ink flowing :D

A New Beginning said...

Congratulations!!!50 posts going great! As a reader I can say that all those who follow your blog enjoy reading your posts as much as you enjoy writing them :)
All the very best to you..waiting for the next post to rock the stage!!!Keep up!

Ajai said...

Thanks :). And this is the only resolution I managed to keep. :). Looks like your prayers worked. We had rains all over the city yesterday. :).

Thanks so much bro. I definitely count having you here as one of the best things to happen to me because of blogging. :)

:). Sure thing bro. Sure thing. :)

Thanks Ayesha. :)

Hey just drop by the Leela Palace, mention my name at the reception and they will give you the bottle. :P. LOL. Thanks for the wishes. ;)

Yaar, yeh digital ink badi ajab si cheez hai... flow hota hi rehta hai.... ;). Thanks so much bro. :)

Pleasure is all mine. Glad that you've enjoyed my writing. I hope I'm able to keep you happy in the future as well. :)

Just Someone said...

keep it going, young man! :)
you'll do great! :)