Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MCC- Makes History!

I joined MCC in 2003. It had topped the India Today ranking for best college in Sciences that year, and I was real proud that I'd been selected and that too on merit.
Like all kids at that time I'd been brought up to believe that my destiny was to do Engineering. And I'd really not thought of anything else. But my performance in the 12th exams and the entrance exams were not great and I couldn't make it to any decent Engineering college. When my MCC call letter came my choice was between a not so great Engg Coll and MCC. I chose MCC.
I'd got evening college. Not because of my marks, which were pretty good for B.Sc standards, but because I was not born the right caste/religion. I didn't mind. I'd accepted it as all guys do at that age. What can you do about the system ah?
We were the first evening college B.Sc Maths batch in MCC. Oh the best was yet to come. We had completely new faculty who had absolutely no experience prior to that in teaching! Wow. One moment these ladies were all nice and friendly and the other moment they were complaining about our lack of discipline. I didn't mind. Maybe we were a bit on the naughty side. But just in the adjacent class you had the B.Com guys, who were always hooting and up to all the scandalous things that make for a good college life. In my class there were just two folks( me included) out of a grand total of nine who could be labelled scandalous. But even we were discreet and kept most of it outside the classroom. We didn't want to get in to trouble after all the mischief in school. But lady fate had different ideas for us.
The games still went on. Initially when I'd sit in their classes, I'd be amazed at their grasp of the concepts, their examples, the language they used, the notes they made you take down. It didn't fit coz these ladies didn't look the type. Something was wrong and I couldn't figure it out. When they made you take notes their language was impeccable. They never looked into notes or books and they knew where exactly the commas, the semi colons, the hyphens etc would come. Initially I was truly amazed. Only later on as I was going through the reference books, did I discover the true con. Word to word rote from the reference books! Not one word coming from their mouths was original. Not one example that they gave was their own. It was as good as someone reading to you from a tape. Like one of those audio-books. I was truly amazed. Here are people respected for their academic credentials and they couldn't make one sentence or one example for themselves. One lady was the Gold Medalist in Maths from our college in both her UG and PG. The other lady was doing her PhD. They were often stumped when I asked them doubts. Change things a bit in your answer paper and you'd make them cringe! They want word to word rote. Simple!
I still didn't get why they harboured this strong antagonism towards me. They were constantly picking on me. They'd sent me to the coordinator(our equivalent of Dean) a couple of times. It was only later that I realized that the real reason for all this. Which was that these dames feared me. I could speak better than them. I understood the concepts better than them. I could complicate things for them by asking them doubts and they'd be found out for the mug pots that they really were/are. These things were building up and that's when they got bitchy. These dames' manipulations reached such heights that they even managed to get me suspended from college.
Looking at these dames I lost interest in my course. You can't seriously hope to study something when two stupid(really stupid) females are in your faculty. These were people who'd excelled in the system. Ya right... neat system! And to this illustrious list were added another two fine females in my final year. Things were only getting better.
I managed to clear my U.G. I couldn't make a decision as to what to do next. So I decided to study. With my marks I couldn't hope to get anywhere other than MCC itself. So I applied and I got through the ex-students quota. Some advantage of being MCCian.
Now I was in day college with the great faculty and better class mates(I hoped!). I expected to do some real learning. But was I about to be disappointed or what.
Most of my fellow class-mates couldn't construct one sentence in English properly. These were guys with 80-90% in their UG's! I didn't understand how these guys were writing Lagrange's Theorems and Group Theory and explaining vital concepts in Real and Complex Analysis in their answer sheets! I was soon about to find out.
Pointers to clearing tests in MCC. Mark 10 important questions from last years' papers. Leave your brains out of the whole thing. Mug them throughout. Go to the exam, vomit your shit and clear with minimum 80%. Not once in my 5-6 years in MCC did I have to apply my mind to a problem. Not one challenging problem. You could complete your Masters in Maths not having attempted a single problem! That's the beauty of our system.
Oh the faculty were all super stars with years and years of experience. But from them I got the impression that they'd given up. A few of them retired. Guess who came to replace them???? My Gold Medalist winning faculty from evening college! Promotion! She was now going to give her gyaan to 2nd year PG. Lucky lucky me!
So again I screwed up my PG. Most of my class mates have got out-standing marks. And what do most of them want to do??? They want to become teachers!!! They still can't do one sum properly... they still don't know how to frame a sentence in English. And they are so brain dead that you give them an easy sudoku and they could be there with it for hours and still not complete it. In all of my UG and PG life I was the only one in class who asked any doubts. I know it's unbelievable but it's true. These are tomorrow's teachers Ladies and gentlemen.... do I hear applause??
This is where and how my dear Gold Medalist bitch came in to the teaching line. This fine system of ours manages to produce many many such enlightened souls who will continue to enlighten our society further.
This was and is MCC. I have hence stopped my subscription for India Today. Thank you.


AJEYA RAO said...

Interesting recollection ajai. Done with teducation now?

A New Beginning said...

Its a nightmare for a student who wants to study but has a fused bulb as a source of light.
But theres one thing Ajai, I am sure all this has helped you get even more serious about your studies, if Im not wrong. What happens is, when we see that the others are ready to ruin things for us , we become even more cautious. Its bad that such people enter academics..horrid to be precise.
But whatever said and done all our experiences in life make us who we are..you have a polished language and great writing skills..keep up the good work..Its a fact to be proud of that no one has a share in it but you:)its because of your hardwork that you can write so well. Keep up the great work and just remember that we meet different people in our life, ready to pounce on us, but whats important is to believe in yourself..thatz what u did and thatz what you should always do:)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Only when one delves deep into a system or a place does one come to terms with ongoing fallacies associated with it!

But then such is life, everytime, every place!

Learn ur lessons and move on!

Ajai said...

Ya, I learnt my lesson. I'm not good enough for this system. I must move on to pursuits I'm more attuned to.

A million chickens can't do any harm to the tiger. The harm's done when society tries to make the tiger lay eggs and judges him by it! This is what is happening. I'm not sure what I've learnt from all of this. But I've definitely lost my respect for education as a whole. There's nothing of any academic value that you can learn in the colleges of this country. Nothing!

Well Raks I'd like to change the system. These are people who are going to be around and influence society for a long time to come. And they're doing a horrible job at it. MCC is only a microcosm. It gets repeated in every institution, academic or otherwise. We celebrate marks over application, attitude and aptitude. I don't know what exactly can be done. But something must be done and urgently!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

AJ - Once Plato said "As the people, so the government" The system is made up of many elements including us and it reflects our thoughts and actions which need a re-look! While, its good to embark upon a journey to change the system, it is important to take into confidence like minded people who will stand by the cause unfailingly!

Its good you are thinking on those lines! Very good indeed! A thought is the precursor to every change, so I believe!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

And hey, thanks for calling me Raks! It feels like childhood revisited :)

Madman said...

Ajai i am pretty much facing the same problem stupid teachers, i am studying Bcom in A.M.Jain evening college which beats MCC hands down on any given day.I am the only one asks doubt and give them nightmare. My auditing teacher yesterday said that insolvent is a person who is not seen for 6 months, real meaning he is bankrupt and cannot pay his due. I am in the process of writing something this Mr Bullshit in my blog.

Do check out my blog Ajai

Ajai said...

Hey thanks... and I hope you don't mind me calling you Raks.

Don't worry bro. Just get through it. It's important that you find your passion and follow it. And I'd suggest you be careful if you are going to be writing about your faculty when you are still in college. Do continue to drop in. :)

Madman said...

sure ajai,

the dumbo doesnt know english, he spell Holmes as whole mess, u know what i mean he wont have any clue

Panchakshari said...

Hey ....

Even I feel the same as you have written in this post.....true to the core.....but...... I felt you could have avoided the use of such harsh words towards one or two persons.....I know we could go on arguing on this....and I will never be able to convince you......But....there are many people out there similar to them.....the fault is in the system.....Not only MCC but there are many more institutions where the situation is no better..... Can you imagine.....An Engineering graduate who gets recruited by a reputed MNC cant write a Leave Letter....this is the result because of the faults in our Education system......

I hope you are now done with your PG degree ..... (irrespective of the fact that the lady came to take your classes. Believe me she would have been more scared than you... cant put more here)......Its really sad that even in PG you had to deal with her :(