Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Shopping!

Last Sunday I went to the Crosswords bookshop on Venkatnarayana Road, T.Nagar. I'd heard that it was a good place and I've been wanting to check it out for long. I'd been saving up some cash to splurge on books.
I'm still getting used to traveling by public transport. Till last year I had my bike with me. There was never any need to go by bus/ share-auto. Now tho things are very different. I've been using public transport a lot and I consider my self a bit of a share-auto expert. I prefer traveling in share-autos to buses. You get places to sit and you get dropped where you want on the main road. Better deal than the over-crowded buses.
Now coming back to books and the Crosswords book store.... I took a share-auto from my place to T.Nagar. Had to walk a bit to the store but that's k, I love walking. My first impressions of Crosswords were not very good. I expected it to be a lot bigger. But this was just one small place. There were not many books/authors to select from. That way I feel Landmark is still the best bookshop in Chennai. If any of you there know a better place do let me know.
I still did buy a few books though. I bought four in all. 'MOVERS AND SHAKERS- Prime Ministers of India 1947 to 2009' by Scharada Dubey. Then Narayana Murthy's 'A Better India A Better World', 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' by Rashmi Bansal and 'Maximum City' by Suketu Mehta, which incidentally I plan on gifting somebody.
There's been nothing much to do these past few months so I've been devouring books. I lost count of how many books I've read in the last month. My last read was Khaled Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner'. Really good book. Really enjoyed it.
I hope my latest quota lasts me at least till the next week. Maybe I should start adding reviews of books to my blogs? ;). I think that's a nice idea. Let's see how it goes.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Kite Runner, which I did about 2 years ago!

A trip to crossword is very enriching indeed! This time I picked up The Diary of a young girl, A case of exploding mangoes and Siddhartha!

Can't imagine a bookless life!

Ajai said...

Siddhartha by Herman Hess? I've been waiting to get my hands on that. And I should note the other books you've mentioned. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Unknown said...

'share-auto-expert' :) Nice.

I too prefer share autos w.r.t buses, for the same reason you had mentioned.

So, whom did you gift all those 4 books dude? No mention on that.

Like you mentioned, start writing reviews of the books that you read. Start.

Ajai said...

I'm gifting just the one book. It's a surprise gift so I can't mention names here. ;). Will write reviews of the books I read. Do drop by. :)

Sunita Kripalani said...

The Kite Runner ... I thought the first half was extremely well written, an emotional journey well documented... but the second half a little too contrived (my opinion)...
I believe the author's other book is really good too.