Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Toast to Mr Mallya

Just a day after I'd published my previous post the Indian Govt did a complete U-turn and started negotiations with Mr Otis. On the other side the Govt was trying to do everything in it's power to get the auction stalled. Both efforts failed miserably. And the Govt ended up looking real silly.
In the end it was up to a consortium of Indian Businessmen to save the day for India. Just how successful they were reflects in tha fact that the two highest bids were Indians. In the end it was Mr Mallya who collected the articles for a whopping $ 1.8 million.
Lots has been written and said about Mr Mallya's larger than life image. The high flying liquor baron and airline magnate is a regular in the gossip columns of most newspapers and magazines. He is an A-list celebrity in his own right.
There are bound to be controversies raised with a liquor baron possesing the sacred Mahatma's items. I don't wish to get in to that part in too much detail. Personally I have no problem with the liquor industry and people drinking in general, as long as it in moderation, and people know their limits.
Coming back to Mr Mallya- he's been raising the flag for India for a long time now. I wish to salute him for his patriotism. Today Sir you have won my heart with your actions. Thank you very much. Consider this post a toast to your(our) victory. Cheers!

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