Monday, March 30, 2009

India vs NZ- 2nd Test

The second test ended in a draw today. India have managed to retain their lead in the series despite the horrifc first three days of this test match.
The Indian batsmen, led by Gambhir, showed great character and class in batting out two full days in the second innings. The poor Kiwis were on the field for almost the entire length of three days. There will no doubt be a few sore muscles tonight that will need some nursing.
It was uncharactersitic of the Indian batsmen to play the way they did in the second innings. Known more for their flair, with the expception of Dravid ofcourse, the Indians showed bull-dog spirit, determination and great concentration in batting out the last 2 days.
VVS Laxman also came good with a fantastic century. Dravid, Sachin and Yuvraj all gained valuable batting practise with half centuries before the start of the 3rd test.
India's bowling was impotent on this wicket. That is one area that they will have to focus on. Of particular concern has been Jesse Ryder. This man has been in awesome form right through the series. The Indians still look clueless against him. The think-tank will have to work out some new strategy for this dashing southpaw.
Though on paper the game looks like a moral victory for the Kiwis, the Indian will be pleased with the way the last 2 days went for them. Dhoni looks like he will be returning for the last test. India will be back to full strength and that means an interesting final test is on the cards.


Unknown said...

A brilliant display of grit and determinatino by our boys. Especially Gambhir. And yeah, like you said, Lax the man has always been great.
But I feel our real concern should be fielding. The butter fingers our guys have developed is causing quite a prob. Ryder should have gone long before and NZ would never hace come this far...
Anyways,let hope India puts up a good show for the next test and manage the elusive victory here.

Ajai said...

ya fielding standards have dropped. and missed chances can cost us. i'm hoping for a more professional display from the boys. they should try and emulate the kiwis who were just brilliant on the field. admit that they dropped a few catches. but their ground fielding and commitment was just top class. and that reflects in india's slow run rate in the second innings.