Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Auction of Gandhi's items

The proposed auction of Gandhi's items in the US has generated quite a bit of media interest here in India. There's a feeling that the Indian Government should not allow the auction to take place. The Delhi High court has even issued orders for the Government to act on stating the same.
What came to my attention was the proposal from the current owner of the articles- 'Mr James Otis'. Mr Otis has said that he is willing to donate the items to India if India is willing to set aside 5% of our GDP to the development of our slums.
It is indeed a noble suggestion by Mr Otis. However, I would like to tell Mr Otis and others like him, that the budget prepared by the Government of India is for "all the people of India". Our government is a democratically elected one and it is we who will set our priorities. We don't need any noble and moral foreigner to tell us what to be doing with our budget and policies.
The Indian Government has rightly ignored Mr Otis. It is heartening to hear that some Indian Americans have got together and have decided that they are going to bid for the articles. I'm sure they will collect them and deliver them to the Indian Goverment as they have promised.
If Mr Otis is as noble as he seems let him donate the proceeds of the auction towards the slums in India. Let us see the true motives of Mr Otis.

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