Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Impotence of Bowlers

India managed to win the 3rd ODI of the series and have ensured that they will not lose the series from now on. In what was a run feast the Indians managed to score a record breaking 392 runs. The Kiwis managed a spirited chase and in the end fell short only by some 50 odd runs.
Tendulkar was in his elements today. It was an innings that oozed class. 200 was within sight till the injury forced him to retire.
It was entertainment today with the most number of sixes ever hit in an ODI. But spare a thought for the bowlers. They toil through fifty overs of back breaking work. The least they expect is a good sporting wicket. It's time the authorities woke up to the reality that quality bowlers are actually a rare and endangered species and unless something is done quickly we could lose them forever.
Most wickets, including ones prepared for Test matches, are turning out to be belters. As a result most innings are one-sided, with the batsmen dominating, and the bowlers brought to their knees. This just isn't cricket. I don't mind seeing good batting wickets for 20-20 games. But in limited overs and in Test mathches you want to see good competition between bat and ball. That is the real thrill in cricket. That is where the passion in cricket stems from.
It's high time that the ICC and the National cricket boards intervened. If things stay they way they are right now most kids will become disillusioned with bowling and cricket as a game will suffer. It is in the spirit of the game to see good competition between bat and ball. Entertainment must take a back seat and cricket must remain the focus.
I hope the authorities will look urgently in to these issues.

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Unknown said...

Yeah man... like my friend was saying, they come all the way running from the boundary only to get thrashed :P
On a serious note, wickets are increasingly becoming batsmen friendly. Gone are the times when 300 was eyed with awe and horror. Pitches need to be given due attention.
But having said that, not much can be done if the bowlers are not up to the mark. With the genesis of T20, a new breed of batsmen are out there. So you got to be desciplined and consistent. Anything else will be most brutally punished.