Friday, November 6, 2009

India vs Australia

Last night I re-discovered the Sachin that made me believe anything is possible. He was supreme last night. But, alas, like many times in his career... he couldn't finish it off for his team.

Sachin is one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Yet, he doesn't have any big trophy to his name. Like the World Cup, or a test series win in Australia or SA. All great players have one or more trophies to their name. Tendulkar hasn't been able to use his game changing qualities to bring any big cup home. Maybe that's what spurs him on, after 21 long years in international cricket.

Coming back to his innings last night- I feel honoured that I watched it. I will take the memories with me to my grave. It was marvellous. His team-mates must be feeling real ashamed that they couldn't complete the job after Sachin had done so much. They owed it to him to finish it off. That wasn't to be.

Australia are clearly one step ahead of India in every dept. No where is this more visible than in Aus's fielding. For an eg I will recollect the last wicket that fell. There was clearly a lot of tension and Praveen Kumar was trying to run 2. But Haurtiz's rocket throw was perfect, right near the wickets and that made it end game. The ability to keep calm under pressure, to execute perfectly, to be ruthless... all these qualities are highlighted in this one little instance. All these qualities are the hall-mark of the Aussies and you'll find them repeated many times in every game. That's what makes them a champion side.

For too long now we've been depending on raw talent. We should be proud of a system that's able to generate a Sehwag, a Dhoni, or a Bhaji. But not all 11 players can be like that. We need to chip away at the edges of the ordinary cricketers and make them polished so that they shine on the international stage. Ravindra Jadeja was clearly too excited...and that cost him his wicket. Nehra played an irresponsible shot. And why wasn't Praveen Kumar diving in full body for that last run? That could have easily made the difference. These small things make a big difference in the end.

We lack finishers. We lack that finishing quality within us. Even Sachin is not a finisher. Dhoni is & Raina also to a certain degree. We need more of that calibre. It is a real tough job. But the guys should be trained for it. Even in bowling I've noticed that we lack that killer punch. How many times have we let the last wicket just drag the match on? We should be ruthless and finish it off at the earliest.

2 times now in the same series that India has lost matches chasing that it should have won comfortably. Not good at all. Means we haven't learnt our lessons from the first time. This is where Indian cricket needs to improve. This chalta hai attitude will not be accepted. We will need to be machine like in our pursuit of being the number one team. The Aussies are not going to surrender that spot easily.

Australia are still a depleted side. With 2 games to go, I'm still not willing to make any bets. Let's hope India gets it finishing act together for the next games.


ANC said...

This loss was made more depressing by the fact that it was such a close loss. Anyhow, I feel like we ought to give Sachin credit for having performed so well. I'm not really sure how one person can win a whole match single-handedly, you know?

Unknown said...

"Sachin that made me believe anything is possible" - this was it. Sachin was on song - one that made melody and music just irrelevant.
And yes, to lose it from there was tragic.
Let's hope our system improves to produce more disciplined players. But I would still say our players gave it all. The team has come a long way from losing a match outright to believing anything is possible. Yes, a little tapping is necessary. That should truly make us an exemplary side.

itsyvitsy said...

I never allowed myself to even think that India could win and hence the disappointment was two-fold when India proved it could push its games to the next level, but then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as is often cliched.

Let's start with Sehwag. This bloke after so many experience behind him hasn't really understood that a 50 over match requires aggression coupled with tactfulness. When will he learn that not every ball can be hit for six? Why can't he just take a leaf out of Sachin's book?

Gautam Gambhir: "Would you please graduate from running the ball down the third man in the air? You know you don't particularly look good when you are playing the lofted shot!"

Mr. Dhoni had real rotten luck. The shot he played was brilliant. It was dying down on the fielder. It wasn't expected that the fielder would take a blinder. But then, it happened, didn't it?

Ravindra Jadeja: I thought he didn't know where he was running to. It was pure luck he was running across the pitch. He looked like he was ready to run towards the pavilion as well!

Rest of the team (barring Sachin): No complaints. You did what was possible within your abilities.

Sachin: I love you. There isn't a better player in this world than you. You keep proving to the world that Cricket is never going to die out from within you. But, I still (with a heavy-heart) put a share of the blame on you. You were there so long, why didn't you finish it for us? 195 was there for you, 200 was there for you, the win was there for you. What's done is done; may I daresay "be careful next time?"

I know this could be a post in itself at my blog! What say? ;-)

Ajai said...

Ya it was bad. And with today's loss the series has been lost. sigh! :(
What I would have liked from Sachin is to finish the game. he plaed brilliantly... but we still lost. what's the use?

Well... i'm hoping that it was not our all.. coz if it was then we're obviously 2nd best. young guys coming in should become more professional. it needs to be part of the system.

Ya... it could have been post. Nice points. And perfect points. There is nothing I have to say or add to that. :)

Chhaya said...

i am heartbroken... not after the loss after Sachins herculean efforts.. no.. there was honor in defeat..

but what happened in guwahati was oh so shameful :(

dumbheart said...

I dont know what to comment... If I start with this topic, this would go long...
Feelign happy for Sachin..and hopes for team in some near future....

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Meandered in while surfing. Couldn't agree more. Loved Sachin's play but the loss was extra painful given the margin and the fact that it was a match we could have won !