Sunday, November 22, 2009

Human Nature

I was flabbergasted. All my attempts to raise money to build the school had come to zilch. We required close to 2 lacs to build the school. All we'd managed to raise so far was a measly Rs 32,748/-.

Raj came to my office one day. We were best buddies in school. But life took us along different paths. I took to social service. Started working in NGO's and finally I set up one on my own. Raj went in to business. He was doing well. He'd already made a sizable donation to my fund and I felt guilty asking him for any more money.

I opened out to him and told him of my problems. I went on and on ranting. I told him I couldn't believe people were not willing to donate for a noble cause like this one.

"What is society coming to?"- I asked him.

He smiled and said- "Let me take care of fund raising for you".

It took me a while to realize he was serious. It wasn't like him to offer such services.

"How do you plan on doing it?"- I asked him.

"Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies"- he replied. " Give me ten grand from whatever you've collected and 3 months time. You'll have your money".

I pondered on this a bit but finally gave in. I trusted Raj. I was very curious though as to how he was going to raise this money when all my volunteers' efforts of the past 6 months couldn't bring in any money.

One and a half months later Raj was in my office with a cheque for Rs 2,17,571/-. I was astounded.

"And there is still more coming"- he grinned.

"How did you pull it off?"

"Come I'll show you."

We took the car to a village just outside the city. Situated a little away from the main village square was a thatched hut. Inside there was a Swami sitting inside with a few disciples.

"This is it"- a gleaming Raj said.

"The Swami gave the money to you?"

"No, I set up the whole thing. I pay the Swami and his disciples to sit here. "

Furious hearing this I began to remonstrate before Raj calmed me down and explained how the idea came to him.

"I was at a temple and was looking at these beggars sitting just outside. The temple undal was just a few feet away from the beggars. I noticed people putting 50 bucks, 100 bucks, even 500 in to the undal. However, they'd drop just 1 or 2 bucks for the beggars. That's when the idea came to me. I called the beggars. Explained things to them and told them I'd set things up and they just had to act their parts."

"So I came here and found this obscure place for them. Then I went and told my wife that I wanted to meet this Swami and donate some money as his blessings had helped me. We came here and I put a big sum of money in the undal in front of her. Leave it women to spread the news like wildfire... All her friends and their friends started streaming in to this place believing my story to be true. One month down the line and we have your money."- Raj said smiling.

"You are a true businessman"- I told Raj appreciatively.

"It's really simple"- he said. "You were trying to appeal to people's charity. That never works. I was simply appealing to their greed!"


Rakesh Vanamali said...

SO damn true - you appeal to people's charitable nature and all you get are dimes and cents!!

Tell me AJ, are you building a school? Associated with an NGO??? Awesome work dude.....! I'd certainly like to know more abt it, if you permit that is

Please write to me on

Ajai said...

Dude I feel so guilty. This was a fictional piece. If I come across any good NGO's I'll let you know right. Sorry again. :P

Samvedna said...

wow ! amazing..seems to me a story of management?

But its true, human mind works like that.

Sara said... that almost entirely agrees with regarding people as economic entities seeking to maximize their benefit...however irrational they may be..

Manju said...

that's actually a con job. but for a good cause i guess

A New Beginning said...

Ajai I must say you come up with intelligent stories...and make ppl believe that you're into into...thats a good blend of real and fiction...........fiction as solid as real:)

Ajai said...

Ya, take it as a case study. I'm sure it will be an interesting one. ;)

he he... i don't know abt economic entities...but u can almost w.o exception apply the "greedy" badge on most ppl. :)

Totally accept. But there are many ppl who donate huge amounts to temples but nothing to charity.i don't get the rational in that duping. and honestly i wouldn't feel guilty duping those ppl.

Thank you... thank you. :)

Shriti said...

gr8 story.. loved it :))
it didn't seem like fiction..

rimz said...

oh...dts awesome. a born business man. n ohh aftr reading ur rply to rakesh only i realised its a fictional one.:D

Ajai said...

@choc lover
welcome here. :)
thanks for liking it. nice imagination na? :P

he he... fooled u too didn't i. :)

Nitin said...

a great story :) a story with a simple truth at the end ! Damn good man...

itsyvitsy said...

Oh, such an ingenious mind Raj has. Superb. Not for a second did I think it was a piece of fiction, but since it is I must commend your mind too. :-) What a strong point to prove! What an amazing plot! Simply outstanding.

Tongue Trip said...

haha my fucking lord i dont even want to get into serious commenting over here, this is so mad funny. splendid write up but i sort of feel guilty about laughing so much...i mean that guys a connie!!!

Ajai said...

Thanks. :)

Me blushing. Glad u liked it. :)

He he. Ya I know he's a con. But well if it takes a con to get ppl to do the right thing then why not?

Mad Blogger said...

Brilliant post.. I presume that its fiction.. but it does well to convey the message... When we donate hundreds and thousands to religious institutions, and reluctantly give one or two rupees at the beggar in the footsteps of that same temple/church/mosque, the contradiction is so evident...

Intern said...

that was a good write :D
ive always heard the phrase: you can get all u want, you just have to know how to ask. :)

a very nice tale :D kudos

dumbheart said...

Good one...Well written!!

AJEYA RAO said...

Interesting to know you run an NGO. I would like to knwo more about this. Can you email me at

Sonia Sunny Thomas said...

Nice Story!!

Ppl in India especially the religious fanatics(i hope i'm not offending anyone but then again I dont care) are so gullible...

GP said...

Awesome dude!This could actually work!I think you ought to try it out sometime :)

Ajai said...

@Mad Blogger
Yes it is fiction. Glad u liked it. :)

He he... thanks. I liked that phrase. I've actually jotted it down. Thnks. :)

Thanks. :)

Ajai said...

Ah dude... like Raks u r making me feel guilty too. Din't want to put the disclaimer on the post coz i wntd genuine reactions. But now with the responses i'm feelin guilty. this post was fictional bro. but in case i come across some good NGO's i'll let u knw. :)

Welcome here. Well I wouldn't wnt to generalize like that. I'd rather put it this way...that every1 is greedy. You can use that... and sometimes u can use that do to good. That's what i was trying to portray. glad u enjoyed it. :)

@Govind Paliath.
Mind you this a simple one a'la Chetan Bhagat. ;).
And ya i try it out na.. i take all the risk... u always have ppl egging u on to do the wrong things. i wonder why. ;)

ANC said...

WOW! That was a great story! For a second, I thought it was about your experiences haha but then I saw the short story tag. Though I have to say, I am laughing at the first comment and your response to it :P

Madman said...

thats a really neat trick man. Poli saamiyaar seems like a nice profession

Maya said...

very well written, u r stories always have awesome morals... very cool

Ajai said...

He he... thanks! Yup... kinda embarrassed but it's still nice. ;)

It is boyo... it is... u game for trying it out? ;)

Thanks bro. :)

Unknown said...

broo... You are getting real good at this...
I am getting ideas now :) :) :)

RiĆ  said...

well said!!and thats the truth of life. really nice post i must say.

Ajai said...


Welcome here. Glad u liked it. Thanks a lot. :)