Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Art of Nothingness...

The idea for this post comes to me while I'm sitting in Nungambakkam station. I'm not here to catch a train. No, I'm here to kill time!

I know most readers will find it strange. But, I count this as one of my many 'original time-pass ideas'. I've taken a train pass for 3 months. Whenever I'm bored or mind fucked I come to the station and take a train up and down the line or chumma sit on the platform. What am I doing??? Ans- NOTHING!

Yes, after an agonizing 24 years on this planet, pondering over my fate & wondering what my 'hidden' talent is, I've finally found something I'm good for. Ladies & Gentlemen- I'm GOOD FOR NOTHING!

The many years I spent in education... and I learnt NOTHING. The countless books, magazines and newspapers I've read and still NOTHING makes sense. Infinite hours of watching TV and movies and I still don't understand anything. All those long never-ending discussions with friends and family... and what's come of it??? NOTHING!

I've accomplished nothing in my life. I've never been brilliant in my studies. Never been brilliant at any sport. I have no awards. Never been been part of any of those societies or clubs. Never been on a holiday. Never left home. I've done NOTHING till date.

There are many works requiring my urgent attention... but I undertake nothing. This is not just some special day I'm talking about. This is about my everyday routine.

Folks- I'm an expert in the 'art of nothingness'. It's in my blood. It's become a part of me. Defines me... it is a part of my character. I can out do anyone in it. I can sit for hours, days, years doing NOTHING.

This has to be something special. I'm yet to come across anyone to feel threatened in this special talent of mine. In fact I dare you to think of one person in your life who has done NOTHING. I'm sure you won't come up with one. The honours are all mine... all mine.

Everyone's been telling me that I've been wasting my time. But they are wrong. This is what I'm supposed to be people. This is what I'm supposed to do. This is what I was born to do!

Having just discovered my purpose in life Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to conclude by saying that now I'm only 'good for nothing'. But, it will be my life-long endeavor to be the "best for nothing."

Thank You.


A New Beginning said...

Ajai sometimes time takes us at its own pace when we ourselves can't find the way. Let God take the reins :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Nothing new! Ask me abt it! Three decades of nothingness and more to come (hopefully less)!

Perhaps thats the only other constant, after change ;)

chital_phenomenal said...

actually if u have acheived the art of doing nothing, you have really accomplished something really i sit here in my office doing nothing, i find that its not easy at all.. really its almost a daunting task.. but YOU are good for nothin, huh? keep it up

dumbheart said...

I can be very sure that some trigger might have made you write this now...some one, some thing, some comment, some thought...or that some??? that made you visit the station...
Trace back the shooter and get ready for a fight with it/them:-)
You can start the 'S' of SOMETHING....rather pondering at the 'G' of 'NOTHING'

I guess writing this post - you already gave a start to it..

Manivannan Sadasivam said...

he he :-)

Mastering the art of doing Nothing is by indeed a great achievement! The only catch is it should also apply to our mind :-)

So do keep enjoying the art of Nothingness!

And, thanks for ur kind visit to my blog!

Meow said...

I'm trying to master the art of nothingness!! Soon, will become your co-member in this community :)

Ajai said...

I'm not complaining here. I'm making a statement. I always leave everything to god. maybe that's how i've become so good at my art. ;)

Gosh... it's a constant is it. Give me more inputs. I want to master this! :P

yes... now only 'good for nothing'. but on my way to becoming the 'best for nothing'.

u are wondering what made me go to the station? i was bored of sitting at home! and don't get me pondering on something. i'm telling u... i'll really do it. i am that jobless.

Ajai said...

yes dude. my mind is almost there too. i'm sure abt it. i'm going to be the true master at this. :P
great to have here. :)

it's not easy girl. it takes years and years of practise. i can give u inputs if u want. ;)
imagine that... getting inputs from the master! WOW! :P

rimz said...

yeah actually doing nothing is not soo easy. I often tried but failed most of the times. I often go blank in my head i.e i think just nothing.

ur piece is quiet nice, hope u get the tide of 'something' very soon.
one ques , do u love ur 'art'? that means is it by choice or by chance??:D:)...

tke cre.:)

Tongue Trip said...

oh come onnnnnnn this is a bit exaggerated no matter what you say!! hardly any connection but reading the title i thought of a pearl jam song. dude, i dont know how much of nothingness youre about but sure youre the first blogger to blazon out about it. hehe cheers!tadah!

Ajai said...

it's been by chance. i'm learning to love it. almost there. and yes... no one's been able to accomplish as much as i have in this art.

Hello. Well no this one is not 'inspired' by any1. this is an original piece.
i'm the discoverer of this art. in fact nothingness should be called AJainess from now on.

Nitin said...

:) welcome to the elite group!
well, don't stop enjoying movies n books though, they ll come in handy someday...

itsyvitsy said...

Am I seeing frustration here? I guess so. Sometimes humour is used as a mask to hide the pain. I see that here.

I have these days when I perform the ritual of introspection. I get similar thoughts that you have so wonderfully expressed here. It's almost a ramble, but is something I totally relate to. This feeling of Nothingness is so overpowering it makes this life seem useless. However, it is just a matter of time when you sigh and say "Oh well, let's get back to the grind." and you start feeling your head back on your shoulder again.

- said... yu r gud at nothn n thts simply a gr8 talent......

wen i ws readin yur nothningness...i jst remembered a joke of Vadivelu where he wud jst be doing nothng (guess yu wud hav seen it n got inspired frm it)...lolz

anywys gudone keep it doin nothn :)

Unknown said...


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Ajai said...

You are welcoming me? I'm the founding memeber boyo. I am the christopher columbus of nothingness. u wnt in then u got to seek my permission. got it? ;)

I stand exposed. :)
Still not feeling the head over the shoulders. Only a large ball of weight.

I'm a big fan of Vadivelu. But this is an absolutely original work of this idle mind. thanks for dropping by. :)

itsyvitsy said...

Oh my! So, I did get the setting right, didn't I?

Just a matter of time mate! Just think about what I said. I there to provide company, rather virtually.


Chhaya said...

Much ado about _Nothing_ !! hehe

u shud be in mumbai man. we spend half of our life travelling in trains!

Ajai said...

Thanks ma bro. :)

Ah... where u been? Liked this one huh?
Lots of ppl have told me that mumbai would suit me. maybe i should give it a hot sometime. :)

The Literary Jewels said...

I don't think there is NOTHING in your post. I found it was most meaningful. Let me tell you one thing: It was only two days back, I quizzed my friends to guess the most meaningful English word, they couldn't. The answer is the word NOTHING. Whenever someone asks "What happened?", our first reply is "Nothing" no matter how disturbed we are at that time. But it is only ourselves who can fight with that and come out a winner to show that we are stronger than life. So take it as a challenge...

Dhanya said...

Lol! Yeah doing nothing is an art in itself. You won't find many people doing that nowadays ;)

Ajai said...

well... there u have it... 'nothing' is 'something'. can't dismiss it as 'nothing' any more. ;)

if u do then they are in patent violation. i have exclusive rights over nothingness... if u come across someone... make sure u let me know.. i'm going to have to sue them. :)

Samvedna said...

I like the the best in whatever you want..all the best in nothing!

Intern said...

Nothing... sounds like what ive been up to for the past few days :D

it is very boring, having nothing to do :(

but still even is we find a job, we still feel its nothing

how contagious 'nothing' is :(

Ajai said...

Thank you. You are one of the few to get the point. ;)

Contagious is it? Well it's not really. It's addictive. That's all. Enjoy the art. ;)

Samvedna said...


sri said...

I second chital's opinion :)

And nungambakkam station waa , long memmories