Friday, May 8, 2009

Kasper's Birthday

Yesterday was Kasper's birthday. He's eight now. It seems like only yesterday we brought him home as a small pup.
Kasper is an 'all-black' Daschund. From what I've seen so far that's a rarity, and that makes him special.
Kasper is the ultimate 'brat'. The little fella used to bite and destroy the furniture. We've had to change our sofa set thanks to his exploits. He'd do his big job in the most unusual places in the house. Often we'd find out that he'd crapped only after we got the stench! It was one big relief when we finally got him potty trained.
One of my most favourite scenes of him is him trying to climb the stairs when he was a real small pup. The gap between steps was just too much for him. So he has his fore-legs on the front steps and then he's trying to lift his behind. But all he could manage was to wiggle his backside.
I still remember going to the Vet to select a dog. He had these puppies playing on the table and Kasper caught my eye immediately. And in one of those strange coincidences that life is he was the guy all four of us wanted. And so we brought him home. He has been by far the best thing to happen to us in Chennai.
I remember him holding on to Amma's sari from behind. Amma was just casually walking and she had no idea that she was dragging 'skater boy'.
Then there was the time the vet came and Dad was holding him but he escaped and I tried to catch him. But he was too fast and he got through in between my legs and I tripped and fell.
Till about three years ago he'd drink his milk only if Dad told him a story. Amma still loves feeding him by hand. She actually gets down on the floor and puts the food in Kasper's mouth. He's so spoilt that when she's around he refuses to eat any other way. My sister spoils him the most though. She's always coochie-cooing him. Always hugging him and patting him and buying things for him.
He usually sleeps on the bed. He has this habit of taking the centre of the bed and making it difficult for anyone else to lie down. And how much ever you nudge him and cajole him he won't move. Oh yes, he knows when the AC's on and he always manages to pounce on the bed before anyone else can.
I've tried to teach him to fetch a ball. He'll go fetch it all right. But then he comes back and as soon as you are ready to remove the ball from his mouth he runs away. That's Kasper.
And the bestest most delightful thing about him is how he jumps when you get back home. Especially if he's not seen you for a few days. Ah, then it's the welcoming of the century. It's simply incredible.
We've all got our nick names for him. We are all always vying with each other for his attention. He knows this and he uses it. That's the fun part.
One of the best things about the guy is when he suddenly comes and he rest his head on you. It could be your lap, or hand, or feet. He just puts his head there and he's off to sleep.
I love taking him for his walks. He starts of slowly but then picks up pace. He's a little nervous outside because of his small size. But you touch a raw spot and you've got yourself an opponent. There are innumerable instances of him trying to bark down Alsatians and Labradors.
Kasper you have been just incredible. Always stay the same. I love you Kasper. Have a super year ahead of you.


Unknown said...

Belated B'day to beloved kasper... he indeed is a nice chappy... this is special coming from me... :D

Mad Blogger said...
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Mad Blogger said...

Happy bday Kasper... he he he