Friday, May 1, 2009

IPL-2 : CSK vs RR

We're back people. Yes! Finally!
It feels so so so good to have a win under your belt. The Royals are not the formidable team of last year. But every game counts and every win even more.
It was a good win. Most experts on TV are saying it was comprehensive, but I don't want to go that far. On paper CSK are a far far better team than the Royals. Royals are without their two stars of the last season. They don't look even half as formidable as last time.
Suresh Raina put in a scintilating performance today. His 98 was one of the best knocks I've seen in any IPL match. It was extremely unfortunate for him to miss out on his century.
Badrinath came up the order and batted very well. Morkel bowled well. Dhoni did find some sort of touch with the bat. The new chap- Tyagi, also bowled quite decently. However, for my eyes, the Chennai team is still not playing to full potential.
The next game for the Chennai boys is with the Daredevils. Chennai will still be smarting from it's loss in the first leg game. Delhi are a very good side. It should be a great contest.


A New Beginning said...

Gr8 goin!have a nice weekend:)

BrownPhantom said...

Well well.The points table has gotten very interesting by now. Only Kolkata looks totally out of contention :).