Monday, May 11, 2009

Days after the Exams

Well it's been exactly a week since my final exams got over in coll. Apart from figuring out that I will never attempt anything of that sort again I haven't been on to anything-yet.
Then there were the farewell parties. It's been a week of "good times" for me. I've enjoyed it. Been hanging out at pubs. Caught almost every game of the IPL this last week. I haven't blogged because once you're inebriated it becomes a little difficult to type. : ). I've been hogging all the time. I've eaten at all my favourite joints. It's been one long carnival. Said good-bye to a few friends. Don't know when I'll be meeting them next.
It's time for me to decide what I want to do with my life. I can't make up my mind. There are so many things that look good. There are others that are horrible. But then everythin has it's plus and minus points. It's so hard to be objective about these things. Should you be objective about these things? You see my line of thinking and why I'm in this state of inaction?
I don't want an ordinary life. I'd rather just jump of a cliff. I want to do something different. Something exravagant. Something that involves a lot of travelling. Something that will allow me time to read, mix with different people, give me time for myself. Something that's challenging everyday. That refreshes me. That's dynamic and useful. Ya I'm after the dream job that everyone wants but noone gets.
Look I'm just about to start here. So be a little understanding right. Give me ideas. I'll be grateful. Don't load me with scepticism and sarcasm. Help me think up something.
I'll be eagerly looking for ideas. Thanks.


Unknown said...

ideas huh!!! lets see... how about travelling the world and conductin melas in small towns ... :D

or how about starting a travelling reading club :P

ok last one... how about making a living out of the blog... :P

Ajai said...

I like the last idea most. ;)