Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monsieur Booboochoo

My beloved Monsieur Boo,

You would have turned 14 today. You came in to our lives exactly 13 years and 11 months back. I remember every minute of that day like it was just yesterday. When we went to the vet to select a pup there was a litter spread across the table. I picked you instantly. I don’t know why. But it was the sister’s choice and I hoped that she would choose you. And she did!

Man, you were so tiny! You were always a small guy. Don’t get me wrong there, I mean only physically. But, when I look back at the pics of you as a pup… man how could you have been that small? Haha… you were so cute!

It was hard not to fall in love with you just by your looks. And then of course the pranks as you grew up and our relationship was sealed forever. I always had this type of relationship with you. I could just talk and you would just listen. I’m going to miss that. No one listens to me nowadays!

You know, maybe I could have been better. Spent more time with you, bought you more chew toys, rubber balls, pillows and pedigree. But, at that time, I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t thinking. I know it didn’t matter to you. But I still wish I’d done it.

A friend recently told me that that’s what we humans do best. Hope for a better past. I’m sure you don’t get it. You don’t need to also because it is silly. But it’s a human trait. And you know I’m human after all (Yes I am boo… we are not of the same species!). I think for some special people it’s okay to want that.

Ah my boo… I remember taking relationship advice from you once. Well, basically I made you choose between two fingers. And then when it all blew up I gave you a piece of my mind and you gave me ‘that look’. You know ‘the look’, yes you do! ‘The look’ that said- “okay now rub my head, right there, just behind the ears”.

You know I remember feeling used by you, especially when the sister used to come home for the holidays. She’d spoil you silly and you’d forget my existence. Except, of course, when it came for your morning walk! Then without any hesitation or shame for ignoring me for the previous 24 hours you would just jump on the bed and scratch my hand at 5 bloody 30 in the morning to take you out. It used to be a pain to wake up boo. But man, I loved it when you took me out for a walk.

Yes, it was you who used to take me out for a walk! I recently saw a play with a dog character. The dog says matter of fact that he takes his mistress out for a walk. That’s exactly the way you used to see it I’m sure.  

I don’t know how, when or why I started calling you Monsieur Booboochoo. We all had different names for you.  This was mine.

Back in the early days I remember having this dream of you running about in a large garden. And I realized in the dream itself that you know maybe it wasn’t fair to you growing up in the small house. You were indoors all the time except for maybe three times a day. And I wished that large garden for you and it broke my heart. I also remember reading that dogs are colour blind and for some silly reason it brought tears to my eyes.

Boo, I hope where ever you are there is a large garden for you to play in with plenty of munchies. Don’t worry there won’t be any baths or vets or injections. I hope you can see the colour of everything and revel in it. I hope you remember my smell because when I come to that garden I’d like you to take me for a walk. I’ll even hold the leash if you want me to.


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sri said...

hahah Hope u are doing well AJ, here after a looong time.

I used to select things by choosing between two fingers. I think i recently did that too I guess.
A good past often doesnot push us a good future. ;)