Sunday, March 4, 2012

A 100 different takes!

Ladies & Gentlemen- it’s official… this is my 100th post on AJ’s take! Wooohooo!
I don’t want this post to sound like them speeches from the award shows. But, nevertheless, this is an important milestone for me. Thank you all for being part of this journey of mine.

I really don’t know why I started this blog. At that time, all those years ago, it seemed like a cool thing to do. At first I didn’t know what to write about. But, write I did. Then it came to a situation where I had too many things to write about! Nowadays, dear reader, it’s the lack of time that keeps me away from this blog. But, a new year promise to myself was to start writing more- A promise that I’ve so far managed to keep.

AJ’s take was & is meant to be my take on life and everything under the sun. This blog is me. It’s my canvas where I paint my imagination and ideas in letters for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what come your way so far. But do stick around because- the best, as always, is yet to come. Thank you once again. God bless!


Yuvika said...

congratulations on your 100!

Unknown said...

Yo boy... Your growing beeeeeg!!!
I like I like....

Ajai said...

@Yuvika: Thank you very much!

@Issam: all your love baby... all your love!

sh..... said...

Good Going!! Just overwhelmed with joy of Little master's 100.... :-)

Keep blogging dear...!!!