Sunday, March 28, 2010

Publishing Dreams

Like all good bloggers, I too dream of one day being able to write a book and getting it published. In fact blogging is actually a means to that end.

I started off trying to see what I was good at( I still don't have a clue. Creating a bit of controversy- maybe! :P). I thought blogging would help clear a lot of things in my mind. That hasn't happened the way I foresaw it. But still having over 50 followers has given me some sort of confidence.

No, but seriously, what genre of writing do you think would suit me? I've tried a few things here. Please don't say autobiography. I have a long way to go before writing that. And don't ask me to write your life story. Even a writer of formidable talent such as mine is going to find that task a little too difficult to accomplish.

Look at the scenario like this. You are given a writer(me- bad luck eh? :P) and you can ask me to write a novel/book on any topic under the sun. Remember I'm the author(I won't let you forget!). So what kind of book would it be?

Right... so you think about that and leave your answers in the comments section of this post. Now we come to the second part. Once my book is published I'll need people to buy the books so I can earn royalties. Now I come from a fairly large family(when extended). So I could easily sell about 50 books in the family itself. That's a start. Now all readers of this blog( yes, that includes you) will buy 2 copies each. Why 2? Well, check both copies for spelling mistakes. ; )

So that means around a 100 books will be sold. You, thought you would get yours for free? Ha! Don't you remember that story of the wise man who said there's no such thing as 'free-lunch'. Well, there are no free books either- at least there won't be from this wise author!

Well, let's get back to being serious. I'm sure most of you there would have thought of getting published some day. And I'm sure quite a few of you have already got stuff published. I'd be happy to learn from your experiences. What is it like? What are the procedures? Who are the big guys and small guys of the publishing world and which guys are open to new concepts and ideas? I'm sure these questions pass through most aspiring writer's minds.( not to forget the never-ending task of trying to come up with a decent enough story!)

I'd written somewhere that I wanted to get my book published by the end of this year. I have no clue if I'm going to be able to keep my target. I hope I can. I have an idea in my head and I've had it in there for sometime. I've discussed the idea(story) with a few people and the response has been generally favorable. No, I'm not going to share tid-bits here. You'll have to buy the book to find out more. Have To! : )

So hopefully someday in the not too distant future you will have a book in your shelf with Ajai Ravi Kesavan written on the cover.  Cheers to that.  : )


Madman said...

nenappu dhaan pozhappa kedukuthu :D

Rakesh Vanamali said...

AJ - I dunno what to suggest, but I can say this one thing emphatically - whateva U write and get published, will be on my shelf for sure!

Good luck and God Bless, for the thought itself is an indication of an impending success!

A New Beginning said...

Youd do a great job!All the very best to u :)

Maya said...

get it self published..

Ajai said...

The ancestor of every action is a thought. ;)

Hey... thanks. :)
I'm counting on you to do some marketing for me also. k? ;)

thanks! :)

too expensive. and somethings have got to be left to the professionals.

Vibushan L Narayan said...

you've written a book? Congrats and keep going! Also, i'm new to your blog, so i wont suggest any style, but you write well and i'm not surprised that you aspire to publish something someday :) My best wishes for that!


Anya said...

Good luck
I want to read your book as first

You can try it
to make a book why not !!


Tripat "Prerna" said...

i like the title of ur post and indeed ur post :)

AJEYA RAO said...

Aj- Its very hard to say that without personally knowing someone or reading many of your writtings. I have been through this confusion once but finally i think what one must write is what one enjoys to write. Does that help or confuse further? :-)

itsyvitsy said...

Cheers mate! Cheers to that! And that is going to happen!

I am thinking of concept stories. Now, the concept behind concept stories is that they do not follow rules, depict events, are a little obscure, but for a discerning reader they have a profound impact. That's my new term, "Concept Story". Try it. :-)

And hope, I too someday in my life will publish a book and I too will have the privilege to see a book with my name adorning an antique bookshelf. Amen!

Ajai said...

I haven't written a book. I'm planning on writing one. Hopefully I should be able to carry through with my plans within this year. :)

Thanks. You definitely must read it. :)

Thanks for both those things. I hope you will 'buy' and maybe 'also read' my book! ;)

Yup, that just makes it a whole lot more confusing. I know that I should write what I want to write. But it's also important to collect feedback. That's what I'm trying to do. :)

Hmmmm. Concept Stories. Interesting. Tell me more. And I'm counting on you to be one of the guys who will do marketing for my book. k? :)

itsyvitsy said...

Wouldn't that be a pleasure to say nice things about your book? Of course, it is. Count me in, bro. :-)

Eon Heath said...

Hey AJ,
well it wouldnt be true if i say i havent read any of your posts, i did read this one.. :D
advice is one thing you would get in abundance...
first decide whether the book has to be fiction or nonfiction, that woould considerably narrow down the choice for a subject...

i guess more suggestions would pour in once you decide upon one of the first 2 options..

and yes, i would definitely buy your book. reason, if anyone sees the book on my shelf and asks, i can atleast tell that the author is a friend of mine...thats really something... ;)

The Silhouette...

Ajai said...

Good good. I like the spirit!

That's a very good reason to buy the book yes. Hopefully... it won't be the only one. ;)

Dhanya said...

You should write a funny story something on the line of 2 states :D I think that form of story writing would do good for you... writing stories and adding tit bits from your own life! But yea that doesnt mean you make this blog into a story blog :P I like personal stories better! Good luck :D

Chhaya said...

I am surely going to buy ur book :)

PS: i love the new template

Nitin said...

i do hope the day comes soon when i find myself enjoying a AJ's book :)

ALL THE BEST, dude...

Bikram said...

Looking forward to the day matey.. I would not mind having a book on my shelf from a author Ajai Ravi Kesavan .. Hey make sure you dont forget us then and I would want a Personalised one.. if you dont mind.. and then when you are a big AUTHOR .. I can enjoy the limelight too ha hahaha

Ajai said...

Most ppl seem to be telling me that. My writing reminds ppl of Chetan Bhagat? I like the guy. But I think I write totally different. But I'll keep the advice. Thanks! :)

You'll have to do marketing too! Your target will be 1000. K?
ps: thanks for liking the template!

Ajai said...

Thank you boyo. I hope to realize that someday! :)

Sure sure... done deal! ;)

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

may your dreams coming true!

The Literary Jewels said...

It seems you have calculated each and every aspect. Do let me know when you get it published...I would like to remind you of one more thing...You could also get a review of your book published.Good luck..keep going.

Ajai said...

Thank you. I hope your wishes will bring me luck.

Review? Hmmmm... ya... that will come after the novel is out right? Or are you talking about something else?

Bhargavi said...

good luck with u r dreams.