Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back from the Blast

Hi folks. I know I haven't been blogging quite as regularly as I used to. But it's only because life was getting incredibly hectic. Mornings I had to dedicate time to my work. And evenings were taken up by rehearsals. I'd get back home only by 11. And after all that running and dancing you really don't feel like sitting in front of a monitor.

The play went off really well. We did 4 shows and all were full houses. I will blog about my experience soon. But let this post be like a warm up. You know... so that I can get back in to the groove.

The crazy schedule of the past few weeks means I've not been able to do many of the things that I like doing. Blogging is one of them. Reading is another. Doing the morning sudoku, stuff like that. Small things. But things that you know... make you you or me me. Things that one enjoys doing. I mean I want to do so many things everyday of my life. But I almost never get in to any routine.

Why is it like that? Why is it so difficult to strike a balance? Life shouldn't be so complicated. Life shouldn't be about having to make a choice between 2 (or more great) options. We should be able to bake the cake and eat the whole thing too.

And the key to unlock this great mystery of life is discipline. Yes... the dreaded 'D' word. My life is one big gigantic battle with this 'D' word. And, quite frankly, I always end up having to wave the white flag.

Well, not any more I said to myself last night. I'd taken a day off after the madness of the weekend(we had the shows over the weekend). So I told myself- 'Tuesday morning and you are going to get back in to the groove and extract vengeance on D. Muhahahahahahahaha!'

I decided that I was going to get up early(by 6). Take Kasper out for his walk. Then go for a swim and then get back and get to work and...

So I got everything ready for the next morning. Put my mobile alarm for 6, my table clock alarm for six and off I went to sleep at 11. Kasper himself is an early riser.( He's been thoroughly spoilt by my folks. Gets up at 6 in the morning and all. Sheeeesh!). So in any case I had to get up early to take him out.

And so the next morning I opened my eyes and saw Kasper lying at my feet. I felt around for my mobile and looked in to the screen and realized that it had switched off- no battery. And then I finally looked in to the table clock and that had stopped at exactly 12:15. So I went in to the drawing room to look at the time. It was 8AM. Everything in the universe had conspired against me.

K... this is bit like Tom & Jerry isn't it? Me and the D. Gosh! Will somebody please change the script please. At least once please. Pleeeeech!


itsyvitsy said...

Hey bro,

I hope you have got into the groove now or may be you are in the process. :-) Whatever, make it fast as I miss your posts and comments (Yup, there is certain element of selfishness to it ;-)).

Nice to know that your show rocked the audience. What was the show about? Oh yes! I remember. You'll write about it anyway. So let's hear it soon, all right?

And about the universe conspiring against you - I share your feelings mate. It's always conspiring. Land a wrong foot and you'll find yourself half immersed in quick sand. So watch out! ;-)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Welcome back AJ, you've been gone awfully long!

And it sure is good to see an update!

Maybe you should factor in sometime for your updates on a regular basis and thus not stay away from blogging long!

And yes, the universe is always conspiring against people - thats a given! Maybe U shud find a way to slow down time!

Once again, good to see an update!


Shriti said...

welcome back. :))

happy to a new post. :))

and this time plz dont disappear!

Meow said...

Welcome Back... :)

To quote someone I know....

Its always better to be busy to throat.. keeps vetti thoughts away :)

Ajai said...

Sure thing bro. Will try and catch up with your posts asap. And yes will post abt my experience soon. :)

Thanks. I know I should make time for the things I love doing. Easier said than done na? Don't worry. Am already working on it. :)

@Choc Lover
Right... Now I'm going to bug u so much that even whn u tell me get lost I'm going to copy that comment and show it to u. :P

Very nice quote. :).

Samvedna said...

glad to see you back!..grass is always greener on the other side..

I have so much of free time that I long to have a busy schedule:)

A New Beginning said...

Welcome Back Ajai, youre back with a bang for sure :)
Congrats for your show!Keep up!
Sometimes its great when the same old routine takes a slightly different turn...it makes it interesting isn't it!

Naina Sethi said...

I can post a think or two on menswear, if you like it :)
Hey follow me too !

sri said...

lol welcome back . Glad u are doing everything u can in the limited time, busy is good

Nitin said...


amazing post, loved the battle between you and D :) ! we can still win the WAR!

aww, sukodo and stuff! :( if only we had lengthy weekend with friday in it :)

loved the battle between u and damned D. yeah, there are times when the clock plays a joke on you. i missed a test once :( woke up when the test was half over! ans was having idli while it was getting over :D

The Literary Jewels said...

Welcome back Ajai...and what a comeback! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, the comparison to Tom and Jerry was very interesting.
Glad to know that your show went off very well...will be waiting for you to share your experiences.

chital_phenomenal said...

hey Ajai,
good that ur back... but i know how it feels when ur torn apart from what you have to do and what you actually want to do.. not always easy to stike a balance but here we are trying hard as possible..to not to lose the grip on the things we love to do.. but as u said sometimes things just dont align up (the alarm betrayed u).. the least u can do is just remember to charge ur phone or change the battery of ur clock or pray for ur eyes to fly open at 6 automatically... if thats possible..

Maya said...

i guess thts wht life is all about..

Unknown said...

The D factor....:D :D :D
They say keep trying...
and you might actually get it :D :D

Ajai said...

He he.. true. Even when I was free I wanted to be busy. i guess we're all hypocrites.

Hey thanks. :). Ya it sure does. But I wish it didn't end all of a sudden like this. Now my evenings are real boring. Hope something comes up soon.

Please do. I could use all the help I can get. Whenever I dress it always looks like I had a wardrobe malfunction. :P

Ajai said...

Thanks. I hope to be busy all my life. But I want to make time to do the little things that I find important to myself. That's the prob. If u have any tips please do share them with me. :)

Yes Soldier. We might have lost the battle. But we can still win the war.
And bro... you have to post about that incident some time. You have to. :)

Thanks. Am working on that post already. Will put it up soon hopefully.

Ajai said...

Thanks. :). Please don't tell me what I could have done. I could have done a million things. I don't want to sulk abt it. I just want to look at the whole thing and laugh. I think sometimes laughing at yourself is good. :)

True. Very true.

DDDDDDDai! Cut- pannedavan!:P