Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Rocket Singh"- Movie Review

I rarely go to movies. But this is one of those that I didn't want to miss out on. Many reasons and I'm going to list them here.

Firstly- Shimit Amin. He has given us the blockbuster- 'Chak De India'. But before that he gave us - 'Ab Tak Chappan'; a movie that will go down as a classic in Indian cinema. Second, I liked the little jig that Ranbir Kapoor was doing in the promo video. And finally, when I came to know that the movie was about a Salesman, I just had to catch it. For the record- My Dad's a sales guy, my Uncles are sales guys, I'm in the same line... so ya... sales kind of runs in the family.

The movie builds up really well. The scene where Ranbir Kapoor is given an intro to the job by his senior is simply brilliant. I could visualize my Dad and Uncles as the senior, and me as Harpreet Singh, looking in awe at the whole thing.

The dude who plays the Senior Salesman was just outstanding. Those are the atypical characteristics of any salesman. He's constantly looking for extra information and he knows how and when to use it. He's building a network with the 'chaay-wala', the watchman etc. He's in on the gossip of the company he's selling to. He tries to sneek in to files. Constantly on the prowl. Constantly sweet-talking.

I even remember my uncle telling me to tuck my tie in to my pocket when we were having lunch. A scene that is almost exactly re-made in the movie.

The performances are brilliant. I don't know most of the cast except for Gauhar Khan. (Yes, she's hot- and that's why I know her!) The rest of the crowd were mostly new faces; but all played their roles brilliantly.

To be honest I am kinda disappointed with the ending of the movie. I wish there were more twists and turns. And the paces slackens considerably toward the end.

The movie has a nice message. But it doesn't get too preachy; which is a good thing. I don't want to reveal too much here.

I still think it's worth a watch. So go catch it. :). Ta-da!


itsyvitsy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. But, as you said the ending was very disappointing. It took away all the credit the movie built until then. The ending was very lame. I would have preferred him working at croma for the next three years and the rest going on about some other job. In the attempt to give the movie a happy ending it actually turned out to be a terrible goof-up. Like,
-- No businessman would return something he has acquired. That is stupidity. Nothing but nonsense.
-- They have a office where everyone is partners. But, there are no employees to do the real dirty job! Does that mean the 7 or 8 people running the business do everything?
-- I would've liked to see that Malwani guy being their strategic partner supplying equipment/parts. I don't know whether they ditched him or he simply died!

It is a sweet movie. Not one of those I would buy and keep in my collection. Good for a one-time watch.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for th review Ajai, movies become interestin g when one can relate to them.

Chhaya said...

i also liked the movie. it was an honest one. i wont call it brilliant.
btw, my fav character is that of the Sales Manager! he was just awesome!

The Literary Jewels said...

I too enjoyed the movie! As you have rightly pointed out there were disappointing parts...but on the whole it was worth the time spent in front of the screen :)
You know I felt that every one who is in the sales field must watch it...and here you mentioned exactly that you could relate to it. How did you know what I wanted to say when I didn't tell you ;)
Jokes apart, thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

Hmmm... should catch it soon...

Manju said...

so it's good huh? i might check it out then :)

chital_phenomenal said...

hey thanks for the review.. was waiting for one.. will see the pic soon...

AJEYA RAO said...

Wanted to watch this, but havent it. but will try to do that next week. :-)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Thanks for the tip Aj! I've been gone a while from visting your space as a result of some travel and look at this - i've missed a whole lot! Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Ajai said...

Ya... even i felt the ending was lame. should have been something else. not bad... we have similar tastes in movies. :)

absolutely. :)

yup... it was an honest movie. it wasn't brilliant. but some of the performances were.

Ajai said...

he he... gosh... i wouldn't have guessed. :P

don't catch it... watch it. :P

ya it's hatke. need to encourage these type of movies.

Ajai said...

you should watch it. ;)

ya it's definitely worth a watch.

good to have u back. make sure u catch up on everything. :)
and merry christmas and happy new year to u too. :)

Samvedna said...

Ranbir is really good..yesterday I saw his ajab will chk this movie also

Ajai said...

Ya u should check this one out too. :)

UGLYRAED said...

great now i want to that movie during my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow you really do have the sales man genes....

Ajai said...

he he... ya.. i do have salesman genes. welcome to this blog. :)

Chhaya said...

Happy New Year!!