Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heads or Tails

This is my shot at 55-word fiction. I've read a few interesting stories around. Thought I'd give it a shot. Hope you like it.

Heads or Tails

There was a lot of money... and a lot more if it didn't have to be split in half. I had the gun. Ram was busy packing up. I was confused. My conscience was pricking me. Finally I decided to toss a coin. Heads- he lives, Tails- he dies. I tossed it... it came down... Tails!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Whoaaaa! Scary!!!

Maya said...

small and powerfull

Chhaya said...

its nice! i love flas fiction! i want more!

Madman said...

Startinge criminal activitya enna pa nee.nice one

Ajai said...

he he... that was what was intended. :)

It's a 55-word thingy... it's difficult to come up with it. There was so much in my head that I wanted to add to it. But I think I managed to edit it out.. and what remains is pretty k.

Ya??? He he... I'd like to see u give it a shot.

Itthu than starting da... ;)

Meow said...

you criminal?? konjam thalliye irukanum pa :P but anyway am not rich.. so nan yescapes!

you've put this under the category "Short stories" na? This is actually "tiny story" a.k.a "micro story" :P

Guria said...

What if the coin went down the gutter and he went after it, he saw it was "tails", just before the walls of the old building collapsed on him.


Great 55F, like it :)

P.S. thanks for the follow and the comment on MM. See ya around! :)

itsyvitsy said...

Cool. It came down tails! I can only imagine what must have happened next. Your conscious disallowed you pulling the trigger, or the glitter was too irresistible. Another 55-word flash fiction in the making, I see.

A New Beginning said...

Thats an uncommonly interesting take on fiction..keep up Ajai!!!

Ajai said...

Tiruttu vaelai pannurithuku thalliye irukku.... and you are on my list.. daily nee ac bus office la? he he. ;)

yup... the possibilities are endless... but that's also the good part of the story... u can have ur own ending... tht's what i feel at least. pleasure having u around here.

like i told guria.. the ending is actually letft to the imagination of the reader... i think that works for the story... nice having u around. :)

Thank you. But lot of ppl told me it's cliched. i dnt know. what do u think?

Manju said...

criminal! lol

hmm how about you com over to Mauritius instead. i'll take you around n buy you lots of boxes of hello Panda biscuits lol just don't sue me haha

Dhanya said...

Tragic ending :( Reminds me of 'Johnny Gaddar' somehow.

Ajai said...

Ya... i have criminal tendencies. Watch out! ;)

Yes... JOhnny Gaddar was an influence... and so was the first scene in the latest batman where the joker plays a similar trick on all the other guys.

Manju said...

Dude, what kind of man asks a girl to pay for everything! lmao

The Literary Jewels said...

A horror story I must very few words :)
I was reminded of a quote I came across recently (though excuse me for mentioning it here as you might not consider it directly linked to your post):
"Whenever you are in doubt, toss a coin not because it solves the question but because while it is in the air you know what your heart is hoping for".

Swetha Sridhar said...

That was an interseting take on fiction.
tried something similar myself, a one sentence story - but found that it gives you more freedom than a specified word limit.
Anyway this was too good. More stories in the line up?

workhard said...

Yikes... U killer!!!!!!

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