Saturday, September 5, 2009

Connecting with your Blog Dosts


How to you to be doing is? All well?

Been some time. Well it was nothing but the old writer's block. And if not for Issam's call today I don't think I'd have actually written this post.

Issam is the only follower of my blog whom I'm personally in touch with. And the blog often features in our conversations. It's something that connects us. A passion that we both share. And that's only enhanced our friendship.( People out there- pls don't start getting ideas... I'm straight... I can't vouch for Issam... but I am STRAIGHT! )

You know sometimes it plays in my head that we should be able to contact each other. Connect in more ways than just our blogs/comments. We could share ideas. We could actually become friends... coz hey.... we all love blogging don't we?

But then there is the apprehension. I mean... blogging is actually putting your thoughts out there in to the big bad world. And well... quite frankly... we don't know what kind of people are out there. Maybe it's better that we keep our identities to ourselves in the virtual world. You know like Frost's poem about the wall... and 'good fences make good neighbours'( in this case bloggers!).
Being anonymous allows one to be more frank about things. And any clash in thoughts can be handled right here.

But it would still be nice to know all of you out there. I didn't like tagging... but you get to know a bit about the people around when you go through their tags. That's nice. And maybe we should do more of that stuff.

I don't know... maybe we could be good friends... maybe we'll never hit it off. But do you think it's worth a try?


Unknown said...

You rascal.. I am bloody straight...
Now that we've got that straight :)
It would indeed be nice to have connect with your dost.
In my organization, we have this blog culture and they organize these blogger meets... Any one would start it off and then vroom.. all would join and we end up meeting...
But being in the same organization helps the 'connecting factor' there... :)
Guess we could try out something here too... Not that I have many blogging friends though... but u definitely do :)

rimz said...

nice thots..
but u c, sometimes virtuality is more preferable than reality, since reality is much harsher n smetimes bitter.
but idea is obviously a good one..

Madman said...

i second rimz

Meow said...

i dono how u came up with such topic and you wrote a post... I think you still in initial stages of making friends out here :P Jokes apart... your thoughts are very nice...

other day me and ma cousin were discussing... everything has become virtual... even btw cousins.. we talk a lot virtually but not wen we meet each other.. that has become order of the day.. i don't understand why virtuality is much better than reality.. but Rimz has clarified me today :)

Btw, I connect with 25 blogger friends through chat.. and I've met 3 of my blogger friends till now personally :)

A New Beginning said...

Good fences make good neighbours :) Indeed

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Its good to be connected with blog friends I believe, not just virtually but in person too!

For me meeting people has always been sheer pleasure and a huge enhancement to my perspective!

I'm in touch with Samby and have a rollicking time sipping beers on beers when he drops by! Something that I look forward to! ;)

Ajai said...

I'm still not convinced about your being straight... but we'll leave the debate there. ;). And any ideas as to how to connect will be welcome. :)

@rimz & Venky & Sowmi

I agree that it might be premature... bur don't you think that the option should be open? or would u prefer that it's always like this?

Sine you are the girl with "experience"...;). Let us in on how u met with your friends and what it was like. Did you enjoy meeting these people? Or was it scary and you had to run away? :)

Agreed... but I think we shouldn't be so formal out here. Wat do u think?

Let me know when u guys meetin up next... all that talk of beer has built me an appetite. ;)

iselldreams said...

Now don't tell me you went through one of my tags where i was saying that i wanted to act in the same movie with SRK! If you did, well it seems you cant know me in real:P
Nice thought for the ones living in the same environment...

dumbheart said...

I feel good that you shared this idea..that hit ur head...

atleast I feel so good when I meet my blog friends in person - at times when I havent talked or seen since long time - but yes in touch thru blogs... and when I meet them its like I have an updated copy of them like all times...its like never apart kinda feel..

Cmon, Worth a try Ajai...
Click /Split - you can deal later!!

Unknown said...

"I am straight", LOL. Immediate question came to mind was "What about issam?" ;-). Good that Issam clarified this in his comment :)

Nice finish man.

Agree to Sowmi point on - everything has become so virtual nowadays :(

Ajai said...

He He... I'll tell u what... i'll try and get SRK to sign a movie with u. Then u can come down here and we can be friends. wat say? ;)

I like the spirit... and i totally agree. So how do we take things to the next level? Would welcome any and all ideas. :)

True buddy. By the way don't believe what Issam has to say right. ;)
But we should try and be more friendly here. We should. :)

iselldreams said...

hhahaha such a good idea...chalo...jaldi karo! make him sign the agreement before i get older and lose my ability to act :P

AJEYA RAO said...

Good to hear you are in touch with some blog friends.

rimz said...

an award s awaiting for u in my blog.. visit it..:)

Purvaa said...


For me, its always exciting t get to know someone in the virtual world!
When someone wants to get to know you because they like what they see in the blog, its an indicator of the fact that the person likes you for who you are, not for what you are or the way you look!

I've had many friends in the virtual world, some who I'm in touch with it even today!!

So I think its a smashing idea!! And its definitely worth the try!! :)

Maya said...

absolutely agree with u,, the boundaries are very well needed

Anonymous said...

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